Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Erotic Calling as God Expressing

On Monday, I placed an ad on (Adults Only, Please). I haven't had any clients yet. I've raised my price to $200/hour because I don't want many clients. But I'm offering up myself as a whore. Well, not really. I charge for my time, not for sex acts. I consider this sacred work. I've also placed an ad on (Adults Only, Please) under the Sacred Intimate category.

I'm also offering up masturbation coaching. This week, I'm supporting a man who is treating himself to three masturbation sessions. I am giving him suggestions and he's telling me about  his experience and asking questions.

My new years project of categorizing my foci reminded me that my prosperity comes from my ability to allow God to flow through me and into the world. The center of my diagram is Love or Sacred Eros. It represents the combination of the physical, emotional and spiritual. That is what I perceive as the opening. As I expand that opening, I express God more fully and experience more joy. I was not able to be continually training for some future existence. I need to live now. I risk all in that pursuit.

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