Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Attack on Sexual Freedom Owner Indicted for Obscenity
July 24, 2008

The owner of adult website has been indicted by a California grand jury on four charges related to distributing obscene materials.

More Threats to Freedom

Max Hardcore Jury Returns Guilty Verdict
June 5, 2008

Jurors in the Max Hardcore obscenity trial have returned a verdict of guilty on 10 federal counts of distributing obscene materials over the Internet and through the mail.

Chilling Effects on Freedom

John Stagliano Arraigned in Federal Court
April 21, 2008

Evil Angel owner John Stagliano was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. after being indicted on obscenity charges. Stagliano was booked, fingerprinted and then brought before the judge where he pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

HDK Questions

Question 1: Describe the man that best turns you on
I like a strong man dripping with testosterone with dark hair and hairy chest, legs and ass. A man who will take charge during sex, telling me what to do to please him and allow him to please me. Men who are bigger than me, but not overweight. Men who are a little bit mean, but who let me know that I am respected and appreciated. Tattoos and piercings are a plus.
Question 2: What are your special sexual talents
I don't know that I have any special talents, other than versatility. There are few fetishes that I don't actively enjoy and want to explore. I like leather, boots, CBT, bondage, flogging, water sports, public sex, dildos, being fucked doggy style, fisting, self fisting, play piercings, sounds, vacuum pumps, baseball bats, enemas, feet, rimming, spanking.
So I'd say my special talents are
  1. Following directions well. That comes from military training serving in the National Guard and from being naturally sexually submissive - including the ability to top as required.
  2. Being able to take relatively large objects up my ass including dildos, other mens hands, and my own hand
  3. Enjoying heavy sensations on my balls
  4. Versatility regarding the wide range of fetishes that I enjoy