Saturday, November 7, 2009

I am how I see the world. How can I see it better?

This is not an abstract question with a vague answer. I begin by focusing my attention on my sphere of influence. I take time during the day to recognize everything is OK. By recognizing that my experience of the world is within me and focusing my attention on what resonates with good(God) in me.
I am not comfortable at work. I don't feel confident. So I resist it and my tension rises. This job is an exercise to help me learn to relax when I feel uncomfortable.
My goal is to guide my perceptions so that my experience of the world develops a sense of peace and serenity strong enough that I am not rattled by my job. So that I no longer resist and avoid it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

God is an atheist

This sounds like a conflicting statement so I'll try to explain it - hopefully provoking some thought along the way.
The premise for this statement is that God is omnipresent. New thought Christians tend to take this statement literally and restate it as "there is no spot where God is not." We believe that God is present in all of us - indeed in all things. We tend to believe that Christ is "God in us" and that everyone is a reflection of God.
For a while now, I've also been considering that our entire experience of the world occurs within us. Outside of our conscious awareness, blue is just a particular frequency of electromagnetic radiation. It doesn't become blue as we perceive it until we see it with our eyes and our brains react to it. We see a reflection of the world.
What if our ability to experience the world through our inner experience - our consciousness - is actually God in us? What if our inner world with colors and sounds and sensations that only exist within us is a part of God himself/herself/itself? Then you could say that you experience the world through God in us.
If we believe that everyone we meet is also conscious - then each person contains within them this experience of the world within them - that we call God. Then God has his/her/its experience through each of us. If each part contains a reflection of the whole, then each of us is God. If we are all God (not Gods, by the way), then even an atheist is God.
So many of us spend our time trying to see how others are wrong in what they believe about God. Atheists say there is no God, but they certainly have a sense about the great truths that govern our universe. They advance by not naming these as God so that their understanding can grow, but it's just as much a religion as any other. The proof is when some of their number say they are right when all (other) religions are wrong. This close mindedness is the same that they denounce in religious zealots.
Yes, I believe God is an atheist, but he/she/it is also a painter, a Jew, a gymnast, a Christian, a scientist, a Muslim, a jet pilot, a Hindu, a homeless mother, a Buddhist. Look for God in each other as we are the manifestations of God in this world.

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