Friday, October 28, 2011

Building An Intentional Sacred Erotic Community

This was written on Saturday November 5, 2011

I would like to scope out a community in Palm Springs.

It would be nice to find a big enough piece of property to build on. It may already have a resort, but it should have room for six sections.

The first section is one common area – it may be the first completed part.

The next five parts are focused on sexual identities – gay, straight, trans/gender non-conforming/queer, bi and straight. I would like for each section to be run by someone in that group. These are safe places.

The central area is where we all come together and experience each others sexuality. I want to touch some straight men. I want to be worshiped by men and women.

I feel juicy.

I want to provide a safe space for sacred intimacy, a place for sexual/spiritual education. I envision workshops and individual practice.

My last post was on my adult blog on October 11. Sorry for the delay with this one.

This entry is from a journal entry on Tuesday 10/27/2011:

I've long had a fascination with a group of men sharing a house. I gained an appreciation of it living in a fraternity in college. A g roup of people living together and sharing responsibility for each other.

I've also enjoyed staying at nude resorts for men. I've dreamed of owning  a resort where I could be always nude.

I've more recently imagined a monastery dedicated to sacred sex. What would my life have been like if I could have dedicated myself to having sex in the service of God?

So now I dream of tying all these ideas together. Building a community of men and women to support the work of sacred sexuality in a safe environment. A combination of a resort and a retreat center served by men and women dedicated to the idea of providing a healing environment where  sexuality is respected as a sacred gift.

I've explored this idea in previous posts: Nudist Community, Industry Research in California.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Love

Father, how can I learn to trust you? Yesterday, I experienced you expressing as a man, a sacred intimate. I poured out my soul to you. I know you are as present now as you were then. I believe that you underlie all things and are present in everyone. It's difficult for me to be present in that. There is a fear in me of other people. They don't seem to be aware of who they are, as I don't feel aware of who I am. I Am you. You express in the universe through me and everyone.

They say God is Love, but another way to say that is “I Love.” My heart breaks. I Am free.

It is profound how perfect everything is. The heart breaks because it expands beyond it's crusty shell. The more it breaks, the less they crusty shell can form – keeping me open to love. Everything I experience is Love.

Tell her this: The only truth to your experience is Love. You are much stronger than you are even aware, stronger than you can know. You are bathed in the Love of God. You are greater than this experience. You are beyond harm forever. Let your awareness of this grow inside.