Mission and Vision

My mission is to give people permission
     to explore physical desire
     to grow spiritual understanding
     to heal their wounds


My vision is
     to serve as a Sacred Intimate
          to both men and women.
     to foster sacred erotic community
     to advocate for sexual freedom

Father God,

I have my life in and through You. Your breath is my breath.

I surrender to You, Sweet Spirit of Love. Guide me in fulfilling my potential in Your name. You have given me freedom and in my freedom, I fulfill Your vision of me. Your will is my will. Remind me of this Truth when I forget and believe my senses.

I freely do Your work because it is my work. Guide me in doing my work, in staying true to myself and to my steadfast faith in You. Guide those who need me to me. Allow me to be of service. I am Your tool. You sustain me in doing Your work.

And so it is. Thank You.

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