Sacred Eros

Sacred Intimate

I identify myself as a sacred intimate, but what does that mean? I have two descriptive blog entries that help answer that: What is a Sacred Intimate? How can I (Rex Harley) be a Sacred Intimate?

As a Sacred Intimate, my goal is to help others use erotic energy for spiritual growth and healing. I am not a certified massage therapist. Here's a link to how I can serve you Sacred Intimate.

Orgasmic Yoga

I have a daily orgasmic yoga practice. This is my personal erotic spiritual practice and it is not a class. I would love to have you practice orgasmic yoga with me. Here are some blog entries that cover the basics: What is Orgasmic Yoga? My Orgasmic Yoga Practice and Past Orgasmic Yoga Sessions

Erotic Temple

I have converted one room of my home into an erotic temple where I practice my orgasmic yoga sacred intimacy. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what it looks like: Photos of my Erotic Temple

Spiritual Erotic Community

Fraternity House

I would like to live as part of a sacred erotic communal home. I see a group of men sharing living space and chores in maintaining a community. I imagine an a large space where we could share rituals and host groups like Body Electric. I imagine smaller rooms where residents could offer services.

Resort, Retreat, Spiritual/Sexual Center

I would like to scope out a community in Palm Springs.

It would be nice to find a big enough piece of property to build on. It may already have a resort, but it should have room for six sections: Common, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bi, Straight

The first section is one common area – it may be the first completed part.

The next five parts are focused on sexual and gender identities – gay, straight, trans/gender non-conforming/queer, bi and straight. I would like for each section to be run by someone representative of that group. These are safe places.

The central area is where we all come together and experience each others sexuality. I want to touch some straight men. I want to be worshiped by men and women.

I feel juicy.

I want to provide a safe space for sacred intimacy, a place for sexual/spiritual education. I envision workshops and individual practice.

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