Thursday, February 19, 2009

My new front page

The following will be on the front page of my website in the next few days:

Hello! My stage name is Rex Harley. Welcome to my website. I hope you take the time to get to know me better. This website explains my philosophy on life, love, spirituality, sexuality and anything else that strikes my fancy. It also provides a schedule of fees for services that I can perform. Don't hesitate to ask about anything you don't see listed.

Despite what you see on this website, I tend to be quiet. I'm more of a listener than a talker. I've spent nearly 14 years as a Java software developer. I have experience maintaining and enhancing desktop, web and enterprise applications. I found that it wasn't sufficient.

I'm very sexual. As a gay man, I've been spreading my wings since I was a teenager. I've experienced many sexual partners, tastes, acts and fetishes. There's very little I won't try or haven't enjoyed. Despite being quiet, I'm also an exhibitionist. In my earlier sexual exploration, I got alot of positive feedback. Being watched and appreciated while I'm having sex or masturbating feeds my arousal. So I decided to use that. I'm older now and am not the type who can make a living in porn, bu I enjoy it anyway. So I built this website.

But it's not all sex with me, either. My spirituality is important to me. This was a problem for me. We often get messages that to embrace our spirituality, we must abandon our sexuality and sensuality. And conversely that if we want to be sexual and experience our animal instincts, we can't be spiritual. This is not acceptable to me. I must have both. So my life's mission has become exploring the boundary between sexuality and spirituality and exploring it. My goal is to show that there is no boundary except what we invent in our heads.

This website is geared toward unifying this triumvirate of mind, body and spirit. Mind: I am an Internet applications developer working as an independent contractor. Body: I am an exhibitionist sharing my sexuality with anyone who has a desire to watch and enjoy. Spirit: I look for the underlying spirituality in my life and expose it in my sexuality and in my Internet works.

I try to put God first. I give myself to God daily. I ask for guidance when I share my sexuality. I ask for help in finding the unity of the three superficially separate identities. Please join me on this journey and teach me how to be open, honest and authentic in everything I do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being who I am and who I want to be

I am free to make my life on a moment to moment basis. To change myself into who I want to be, who I truly am, all I need to do is be who I want to be now. I don't need to change the past or the future. I am not a nebulous entity that extends into the past and into the future. I exist in the present moment forever.

Spend the time on the important things

If something is not worth the time to do now, it never will be. So decide whether something is worth the time to do before you do it. If it's worth it, be willing to spend the time to do it right, and do it now. The more you put things off, the more they will pile up.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Physical plus Spiritual equals Whole Men (and Women)

Many people see themselves as one half physical and one half spiritual. Some see the physical half as evil and the spiritual half as good. But our physical and spiritual bodies overlap - we are one being. So long as we continue to view our physical bodies as evil, we will continue to experience disease and death.