Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nudist Community

In case it wasn't clear, I'm a nudist. I avoid clothes whenever I can. They're useful for keeping warm in the winter, protecting you from the elements and protecting yourself from snakebites in the woods, but I can't find much other use for them. Certainly there must be a nudist community that my partner and I could join somewhere. Searching for Nudist Community on Google takes you to the Wikipedia page. I can't find any communities, but I'm starting to collect info.

I don't necessarily need an entire town that is clothing optional, but that would be nice. If there was a neighborhood somewhere or some condominiums where I could live that was clothing optional, that would be so wonderful. When I'm naked, I feel closer to God. I present myself as I was created.

I'm also a very sexual person. I believe that sex is good. I believe that complications people experience in their sex lives comes from a lack of self-acceptance. It does seem to take a level of maturity to be able to enjoy sex that can be anything from recreational to spiritually transcendent, but the rewards are so profound. My partner and I are not monogamous, but we are in a committed relationship. We love and trust each other to be there for the long haul.

Now my partner and I are looking for where we can live and have these needs met. Where are people accepting of sexual diversity? Where can I safely live my life as a nudist? If I can't find this place, I would like to build it. I envision a clothing optional resort. This resort wouldn't be a sex club, but can act as a host for sex workshops. It shouldn't be all about the sex, but it should be sex positive. There should be safe spaces to play. There should be places where you're safe from unwanted advances. And even a place that was "family friendly" in the naturist sense. This would be a healing place and I would spend most of my time there - nude most of the time.

Anyone who would like to join me is welcome. Maybe this is more than just a resort. People would be welcome to live there permanently with me. This could be the core of a nudist community - but only if we can find a place where the neighboring communities will accept us and not prevent us from growing. Should this be in Palm Springs? Maybe the San Fernando Valley? Are people in the San Fernando Valley more sexually accepting since it is the "porn capital?"

Friday, June 12, 2009

May Insights

  • I abandon my power when I falsely believe that I can convince myself to do something. That's because in doing that, I give responsibility to something that doesn't exist instead of to myself.
  • If I'm fighting myself, I'm wasting time fighting an illusion. I always have the power to do what I truly want to do.
  • Always planning is robbing me of my power, always focusing on the next thing instead of what I need now.
  • Whatever I'm feeling, I'm doing this to myself.
  • It's time to speak FROM who I am rather than AT it.
  • I am an unfolding wizard of sex, spirituality and technology.
  • Everything that is supposed to be done today will be done.
  • Resistance is funny. Who am I resisting??
  • Look for A) What helps me feel in control and B) What brings me enthusiasm.
  • Keep the end goal in mind: Supporting myself spreading the Rex Harley message.
  • Faith: Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.
  • The tension I feel comes from trying to force myself to do something that exposes a believe that there is a "myself" that I can force to do my bidding that is separate from "me" and is thus uncontrollable. When I realize there is only me, I recover my power.
  • I believe everyone inherently has the divine ability to create their lives in conjunction with the creative power of the universe that I know as God. I believe we use the Power of the Universe all the time. but it's so effortless that we don't realize we're doing it and wind up creating trouble for ourselves.
  • I want to have a job where I don't have to pretend to be asexual, or work in an environment where we pretend sex doesn't exist. I want to work where the people won't care that I'm a nudist and an exhibitionist who posts his video clips on XTube. I dream of working in a more laid back atmosphere where I don't feel the need to continuously prove myself, where I can focus on the quality of my work instead of the quantity
  • On a day to day basis, I feel tightly controlled - binding myself because of fear. That's why I enjoy bondage. When I'm tied up and unable to move, I am able to relax because I no longer need to expend the energy to control myself. If fear is bondage, then bondage is freedom.
  • Fear looks like my father, forever unhappy with me and pushing me to be different than I am. Always asking me what I learned in school today while I never know how to summarize a day's learning into a single answer. Instead I answer "I don't know," making him mad at me and scaring me to death.