Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rex Harley's Purpose

On August 31, 2007, I went down to the county clerk and registered a company called Rex Harley Unlimited. At that point, the concept behind the company was very vague. It still is, but it’s getting clearer.

I’m an exhibitionist. I’ve always wanted to know if I could be a porn star, but I didn’t want to devote the time to it or jeopardize my career. I was pretty sure I’d never be able to earn enough money by being a porn star. I’m not what people are looking for. Plus, I wanted something that would last me after my youthful looks were gone.

Anyway, after years working in the software development industry, I have enough spare cash that I can promote myself. I feel that if I actually own the company that is distributing my material then I have a much better chance of making enough money to earn a living from it. That way, I don’t just make a small fixed amount for a scene, or even a small percentage of future earnings. I actually get to keep what I earn.

I’m 42 and HIV positive and I’m going to try to live out my fantasy of having hundreds or thousands of people enjoy watching me masturbate and having sex. And maybe some of those will actually blow their wad in sync with me when I cum on the video. When you see me looking intensely at you through the camera when I’m cumming, that’s what I’m trying to experience. I’m experiencing having an orgasm with all the people who are cumming with me in the future.

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