Monday, October 3, 2011

I Love

Father, how can I learn to trust you? Yesterday, I experienced you expressing as a man, a sacred intimate. I poured out my soul to you. I know you are as present now as you were then. I believe that you underlie all things and are present in everyone. It's difficult for me to be present in that. There is a fear in me of other people. They don't seem to be aware of who they are, as I don't feel aware of who I am. I Am you. You express in the universe through me and everyone.

They say God is Love, but another way to say that is “I Love.” My heart breaks. I Am free.

It is profound how perfect everything is. The heart breaks because it expands beyond it's crusty shell. The more it breaks, the less they crusty shell can form – keeping me open to love. Everything I experience is Love.

Tell her this: The only truth to your experience is Love. You are much stronger than you are even aware, stronger than you can know. You are bathed in the Love of God. You are greater than this experience. You are beyond harm forever. Let your awareness of this grow inside.

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