Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sexual Spirituality

This is a journal entry from Sunday 30 March, 2008.

I am sexually expressive. It's a core aspect of who I am. But I also am a spiritual being seeking enlightenment. So do I abandon one part of me in manifesting another? I can't imagine how. I wouldn't be whole. So my life's work has become finding how these two aspects of myself coexist within me.

So, aside from helping men get their rocks off, one of the goals of my website is to reach the men who are looking in shame for sexual images on the Internet and helping them embrace themselves as sexual beings as well as spiritual. I want them to experience their God given sexual pleasure. I want them to learn that God doesn't judge them and that they have permission to completely abandon themselves to pleasure during sex and that this can be an avenue to experience God.

I try to do this by example – sharing my sexual ecstasy on the Internet for others to enjoy. In so doing, I want to set up a cycle of sexual energy between me and those watching me. I want us to have simultaneous orgasms across time and space so that we are all connected. I even watch my videos and get off with myself. How sexual is that?

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