Monday, August 24, 2009

Industry Research in California

Do you know any sacred intimates? Or anyone in the adult entertainment industry? Or maybe someone who works in a resort/healing center/retreat?

I will be visiting the San Fernando Valley, Palm Springs and LA area starting on October 1. If you know someone who works in the area, please pass their contact information to me or ask if they would be willing to help me with an informational interview. I'm looking for sacred intimates, owners of businesses and performers/models.

I love being an exhibitionist. I have a deeply spiritual life. I believe sex is divine and God love's how I express this gift. I want to help others feel as I do enjoying the experience of the flesh while keeping the innocence of spirit. I dream of serving others and being free doing what I love.

The goal is to get an understanding of these industries and to meet anyone who might help me understand how I can contribute. Contact me at

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