Saturday, January 9, 2010

July '09 Insights

  • I want to follow my heart and not give a hell what anyone else thinks about it.
  • I can be happy now. I don't have to wait. I can let go of the outcome. I can relax and be myself.
  • When criticized, do nothing. The ego wants to self-repair. Instead, allow it to be diminished - Eckhart Tolle
  • No matter what appears to be, it is always true that I am free. It always has been and always will be my choice.
  • My energy is overflowing. I use that energy to suppress that energy during the work day to do work that I don't want to do. I come home depleted of my energy. Learn to release the energy.
  • Know that everything that happens is for a greater good.
  • Remember to love someone.
  • It's more important to me to be happy than to be right.
  • My love is greater than any petty disagreement.

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