Sunday, March 7, 2010

In what ways am I free today?

This is from a journal entry on 18 November 2009:

In what ways am I free today?
  • At work, I can take breaks and run errands whenever I choose.
  • There are no rules about when i arrive for the day or when I leave for the day.
  • I can bring my lunch or go out.
  • When I go home after work, I can spend the evening naked.
  • When I'm on vacation, I can have a mohawk.
  • I can go wherever I choose during my vacations.
  • My right ear is pierced and I can have other private piercings as I like.
  • I can breathe deeply.
  • I can masturbate in the bathroom stall at work.
  • I can walk out of my contract with a few days notice. There is nothing holding me in this contract except for the desire to earn what I'm earning from this company.
  • I can take another job where I'm making less money.
  • I am free to relax and enjoy my work.
  • I am free to get new tattoos.

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