Sunday, June 20, 2010

December '09 Insights

  • I got my septum pierced on December 5, 2009. It was painful, but it felt OK the next day. I really do like it. I'm looking forward to stretching it to a 12 or 10 gauge. It's one more step toward expressing myself freely.
  • I feel trapped because I don't see myself in anyone I meed, but I AM in everyone I meet. Why do I fear everyone?
  • Something inside causes me to want a nose ring, to wear my kilt and to have a mohawk. It's my own rebellion. It's my desire to be seen and respected as an individual. It's me driving myself to be successful in front of people who may judge me - and to find inner comfort in being free to do as I choose.
  • Taking full ownership of my life: This has to do with self-respect and empowerment. It's about not being pushed around by circumstances. It means being more "thoughtless" by recognizing I am not my thoughts, that I don't gain by worry. It means learning to recognize when I'm giving up my authority over my own life.
  • I imagine that I'm a rosebud. My whole life, I've been binding it with string to keep it from unfolding. Thoughts - negative thoughts if you like - are the string. Now my mission is to cut those binding thoughts so that I can finally unfold.

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