Sunday, June 20, 2010

Social Commentary

This is from a journal entry on 2 December 2009:

There is so much focus on making money in our capitalist society. Everything is measured against it. Industry needs obedient workers, so our educational system doesn't encourage free thinking. It leaves us ill equipped to survive when industries shift.
We also pursue our dreams only as much as they will help us to make money. "You can't make money at that" is the admonishment of the dis-empowered. Many of the wealthy (not all) seek to dis-empower the poor so they can be controlled while espousing that the human spirit overcomes all obstacles. They tie capitalism to the ideals of the founding fathers who created a democracy. Now democracy and capitalism are intertwined so that people confuse them - and an attack on one is an attack on the other.
The poor need more than money. They need to be re-empowered. I need to be re-empowered.
We don't need to give up on capitalism, but we need to do something to put humanity on a level playing field with the almighty dollar.

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