Friday, December 24, 2010

About Rex Harley

Height:   5'10"
Weight:   135 lbs
Waist:   32"
Body Type:   Toned (mostly)
Piercings:   Prince Albert (6 or 8 gauge),
Guiche (10 gauge),
Right Ear (6 gauge),
Nose Ring - Septum (14 gauge)
Tattoos:   Popeye on Right arm

Services Rex Provides
Writing: Blogging, articles, books...
Video: Porn, Erotic Education...
Web Design: Interactive web pages

Services Rex will provide in the future

Erotic Massage:
Trust me to satisfy your deepest needs and desires of acceptance
Speaking: The benefits of sex. Sex is good. Sexuality and Spirituality are compatible
Knowledge Organization: Making sense of the world in the age of information overload

Contact info
Rex Harley Unlimited
8760 A Research Blvd #297
Austin, TX 78758
Tel: (512) 394-8765
Fax: (512) 853-3557

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