Friday, December 24, 2010

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

My mission is to be an opening through which God can manifest in the world and to be of service to others as a lover, healer, and creator.

Vision Statement

My vision is to claim authority over my life, to explore and heal shame in myself and others, and to contribute to the health and welfare of the Earth.

I put God first. I give myself to God daily. I ask for guidance when I share my sexuality. I ask for help in finding the unity of my superficially separate identities. Please join me on this journey and teach me how to be open, honest and authentic in everything I do.

My spirituality is important to me. This was a problem for me. We often get messages that to embrace our spirituality, we must abandon our sexuality and sensuality. And conversely that if we want to be sexual and experience our animal instincts, we can't be spiritual. This is not acceptable to me. I must have both. So my life's mission has become exploring the boundary between sexuality and spirituality and exploring it. My goal is to show that there is no boundary except what we invent in our minds.

I'm very sexual. As a gay man, I've been spreading my sexual wings since I was a teenager. I've experienced many sexual partners, tastes, acts and fetishes. There's very little I won't try or haven't enjoyed. Despite being quiet, I'm also an exhibitionist. In my earlier sexual exploration, I got alot of positive feedback. Being watched and appreciated while I'm having sex or masturbating feeds my arousal. So I decided to use that. I'm older now and am not the type who can make a living in porn, but I enjoy it anyway. So I built this website.

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