Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adult Blog Posts

I've been better at posting to the adult blog lately. I just finished a series on handballing. It's not meant to be comprehensive, but just and introduction about what to expect and how to prepare. One page is for resources. I need to beef that up.

I also posted my two most recent Orgasmic Yoga sessions: Pre-Orgasm Orgasmic Yoga and Two Hours of Orgasmic Pleasure. I might try to get in the habit of doing that more often. I only get to practice a few times a week, but it usually has meaning and significance to me.

I also moved my latest My Story installment to the adult blog because it gets a little mature and graphic.

I've been talking to a model about taping a video with me. My intention is to tape scenes with three or four models and edit it into a DVD that I can use to demonstrate my skills at performing, directing, editing and producing adult movies. I can leverage that into a job in the adult industry.

I'm also arranging to explore my sexual appetites with others, and continuing my yoga of sex class. My plate is full.

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