Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dominion over my time

I have begun a series on handballing (ADULTS ONLY!!!!!!!!).

This is a partial journal entry from Monday, January 23, 2012

I can create whatever world I want to live in.

What do I want my mornings to look like? Right now, I juggle the ideas of orgasmic yoga, running, weightlifting, or spending time at a coffee shop before work. I can have whatever experience I choose. I can also change my mind once I have chosen. Trying to decide depletes me.

The there's the commitment for eight hours of sleep that infringes on the available morning hours.

This is all silly because no matter what happens, tomorrow morning will be lived.

So what do I want for my world? Clean the slate and begin again. I don't want the confusion... Each activity has desirable aspects.

I have full power here. What is my story? What is important to me?

Can I make working out at the gym an erotic experience? can the power of physical love infuse physical exercise? Maybe that is the lesson on that.

Spending time at the coffee shop is about expressing my power. If I have dominion over my life, then this is a demonstration.

All of this is about dominion over time. I will take dominion over my time. I will not allow my schedule to be overtaxed. I will let go of resistance and choose what is important. I will embrace calls to action. My time is God's time. As I take dominion – God will fulfill my need to serve.

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