Monday, June 9, 2008

What's the goal for Rex Harley?

While I don't have a clear business plan as of yet, I am committed to the vision statement that's posted on the website:
1) To help others experience sex as a divine gift that we are encouraged to explore.
2) As an exhibitionist, to share my exploration of my sexuality online and with as many men as possible.

I recognize that I am not going to make large chunks of money with this website. I don't have the look that would attract large numbers of fans. I do think that I can fill a niche of people who would be attracted to my body type.

Possible refinements of the niche involve:
1) The spiritual and self-acceptance angle - where I show by example that it's good to be gay and that there is an innocence in pure physical pleasure.
2) Reviewing or giving access to the toys that I play with. I saw a toy in a video once that I wanted and then had to spend hours trolling around the Internet to find one.

I've got the website and two blogs: discusses the website and the travails of getting it set up and forming a business as an adult entertainer and where I want to post stories. I figure posting them there will be easier than writing new web pages for by scratch.

So far the only revenue stream is affiliate advertising. I'm not interested in thumbnail farms or bogus blogs that are only intended for advertising - but am more than happy to advertise quality services on the blog and on the website.

I am considering using this a primarily a learning experience so that I can leverage my software and web development skills with the adult entertainment industry.

If I could engineer a way to earn between 50 and 100k per year in after tax dollars with this franchise, then I will be more than happy.

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