Saturday, February 13, 2010

October '09 Insights

  • I'm tired of fighting with myself.
  • How wonderful to live completely in the moment. If I'm alive in the moment, then there's nothing to fear for that moment. How do I move past the fear filter? Maybe by noticing it.
  • I want to be free.
  • I am limited only by my imagination and my creativity.
  • I don't need a destination if I've already arrived.
  • I already have everything I need to live my purpose.
Things I want:
  1. I want time to lay out and relax without focusing on accomplishing anything.
  2. I want to find other ways to nourish myself.
  3. Everything I do can be according to a broader plan and not simply doing things from a list.
  4. I want to eliminate things that don't feed my soul.
  5. I want to honor the fact that I've already arrived. I can always continue to grow, but I don't have to accomplish anything else before I'm "ready" or "complete."
  6. I want to hire people to do more tedious work so that I can have time to be more creative.
  • My experience of the world around me occurs completely within me. I believe this inner reality through which I interact with the world (called consciousness) is actually God. If that's true, then I literally experience my existence through God in me. Everyone does.

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