Saturday, February 13, 2010

Power of Meditation

These days, when something makes me angry, I don't attach with it. It passes in a few minutes instead of a few hours or days. I find it easier to do things that would normally make me procrastinate or spend time feeling overwhelmed. Patience is productive.

I think most of my earlier procrastination was actually coming from impatience. Every task seemed like it would take too much time. Now I stop trying to fit so much into my day, but I still move forward.

I finally found a tool that feeds and nourishes my soul. I've been meditating regularly. While I meditate, I train myself to focus on being present in the here and now. I let go of past and future. I become aware of the quiet eternal part of myself that isn't rushed. The more I get in touch with that part of myself, the less my world is rocked by whatever happens. When I am upset, it becomes a tool to help me get in better connection with that quiet part of my soul.

Slowly I begin to believe there's nothing I can't handle.

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