Sunday, August 22, 2010

Overwhelming Thoughts

This is a journal entry from February 27, 2010
Here's the problem with the weekend: there's too much time. All that time means you can get many things done. That becomes overwhelming.
My goal is to free my consciousness. I want to let in beauty and keep out negativity. The thought that I'm tired is an invalid thought. Maybe there's another thought behind it like: This is too hard or I can't do this anymore or This is draining the life out of me or I'll never catchup or This is beyond my ability and it's uncomfortable.
All of these are thoughts. They are evaluations of myself in relation to the world. They all underestimate my ability. there's an underlying belief that I can be depleted and used up. I wind up wanting to protect my precious reserve of life force so I resist life.
The fact is that I have an infinite wellspring of this life energy. I tap into it whenever I choose - whenever I don't resist. I've seen this power in the past.
What do I want to do today?

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