Sunday, August 21, 2011


First off, I've posted a request to my adult blog to engage in some self pleasuring: Love From Within

Next up, I was recently at an intensive focused on the erotic and the sacred. During that week, I considered a statement that I would want communicated after I died. The following is what I came up with:

Your suffering is optional. You may not know this when you are suffering, but it is true. Your pain is real, but suffering is not.

I have come to believe that the universe is loving. I call that love "God." I experience life and grow from that experience, painful or pleasurable. Pain sometimes comes from God, but it coms from a place of love.

Take care of your own consciousness. Focus on what is good and beautiful, and it will grow. Question your negative thoughts and they lose their power. All thought falls short of Truth and is a lie - even this thought. Grow the beauty within you until it spills out and beautifies the world. That's how it works.

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