Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How can I be a Sacred Intimate?

I'm trying to understand what I mean when I say I'm a Sacred Intimate and how it represents a profession.

My Mission is to lead people to healing, to contribute to the healing of a suffering world, to express myself fully and completely as a loving and caring man, and to explore the union and balance of sexuality and spirituality.

My vision is to be an instrument of God's healing love, to embrace and grow God's use of my body temple, and to use all of my skills to teach that sex is a physical manifestation of the spiritual principle of Love.

When I think of being a Sacred Intimate, I envision being a sex worker. There's much more to it than that, but sex is a biological need that many men have difficulty meeting for various reasons. I feel I can help men lead more fulfilling lives by serving in the sacred capacity of helping them meet this need.

There's also a healing capacity that goes with this. I still don't understand my healing capacity. My appreciation of sex comes from a very innocent place. For me, all sex is play. I want to help other men to find the ability to play sexually. Come to my playroom and let's explore each other. Let's play pretend. Share some of the things you like to do but are not completely comfortable with or are ashamed of and let me affirm your desires.

How else do I manifest as a Sacred Intimate? I have often mirrored people when we have sex. I'm receptive to their desires and am attentive to subtle and obvious ques. I like to let my partner lead me into their world and my sexual experience expands as a result. I love exploring sex this way.

I practice Orgasmic Yoga most mornings. Sometimes someone joins me. I build my erotic energy and release it into my day, or send healing energy to someone, or experience God, or use it to manifest my prayers. I release creative energy into the world to contribute to its healing. In a world that seems fixated on celebrating violence, I celebrate Love.

I want to make pornographic movies that demonstrate sexual freedom that others can use for validation of their own desires. I want people to see me freely and lovingly enjoy my body sexually and think to themselves "Oh, if he can do it, then so can I."

I can only lead people to healing who are ready to be healed. Many of us identify so strongly with our pain that we're not ready for healing. For those, I want to hold lovingly close to my heart. I want to love them until they can love themselves.

So I need some containers for packaging these services. I can work one on one. I can lead small groups. I can reach larger groups via various media. I feel the desire to write on various topics - spiritual and sexual. This and pornography offer me the ability to reach the most people. Zig Ziglar said that the secret to getting what you want is to help enough other people to get what they want. If I can begin satisfying these needs for sacred sexuality, then the money to support my work will become available. We have a deep need in this society, so I have plenty of work to keep me busy.

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