Saturday, September 17, 2011

Expressing Rex Harley's Potential: Escort?

Here are what I see as being some of my strengths: Reflecting, intuiting, understanding, playing, experimenting, trying, exploring, accepting, figuring it out, believing, trusting, following, obeying, sorting and grouping, scanning, writing, typing, breathing, masturbating, hugging, holding.I like to tinker and explore. I like to understand, to figure things out. I like to explore with others. I am sexually powerful. I am worthy of respect. I like to go within. I like to take my time and fully digest new knowledge. I recognize that there is a more fundamental reality underlying our thoughts about it. The framework is not reality, but only describes it.

How can I express these strengths in my life more fully? Since these are the things that I see as being my strengths, how do I use them to prosper?

I am considering offering my services as an escort. I would like to do some sexological bodywork, but I don't have certified training in massage. Escorting seems like a nice way to go until I can "officially" advertise as a masseur. Here's the text of an ad that I'm considering:
Are you looking for an escort? Rex Harley is available to you as an escort. He has a healing and affirming presence. He is an excellent listener. He is sympathetic, loving and supportive. Rex finds fulfillment in helping you meet your needs and can be relied on for the strictest confidentiality.
Rex charges $80 per hour with an extra $20 for outcalls. There is no charge if you are not completely satisfied.

Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I want to serve others with my most authentic skills. What do you think?

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