Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Living through the body

The following post is a direct result of this morning's Orgasmic Yoga practice:

On to another esoteric subject. I see some conflict in my thinking. Today, I was very present during my Orgasmic Yoga practice - to the point where I forgot myself. There was only pleasure. This seems to contradict the enjoyable times where I've felt very much into my body - and not in my head. These are two (or three) different things.

I would love to feel so present in the moment that I forgot myself - so that I can simply be myself without filtering. I also enjoy feeling present in my body as my body, having a distinct sensation of being a physical sexual body. But this is chasing a memory of erotic anticipation I once had.

In fact, I do not believe myself to be this body. I identify with the conscious awareness that experiences this body and other bodies as well. I Am life itself: Living this body, breathing this body, and experiencing myself through this body. I am not my thoughts. I am not my fears.

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