Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dominion over your Inner World

This is from a journal entry on Tuesday 17 January 2012

Outward miracles begin with inward miracles. The Kingdom of Heaven is our inward subjective experience of our world and ourselves. I am immersed in the Kingdom. The Kingdom is within me.

I have authority over my Kingdom as God has authority over the Universe. I Am a reflection of God. So are you.

I have authority over my life. I have dominion over my inner world. Even that feels heavy. It's up to me to defend myself against negative thoughts.

I am all that I know. All that I know is within me. For this reason, fear and shame does not come from outside. It arises within. My thoughts evoke them like a magic spell. What I have created, I can destroy. As I release ego, I become more present. When I let go of who I think I am, I step into my true identity – immune to the threats of the world. I can see that. It takes time to unravel fears and shames. The more people who know me authentically, the less power shame has.

Without fear, how would I pursue my real work? How can I help others step into the present moment? How do we unravel fear and shame?

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