Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Story: Part 3

During Healing, I started to appreciate the story of my life. Normally I feel inadequate. I don't normally see myself as a strong person with a rich and interesting life. The reality is that I've lived during interesting times. I've survived when maybe I shouldn't have.

I can't tell my life's story in a single journal entry. My life so far forms a canvas for my life today. I spent six years in the National Guard as an 11b Infantry Soldier. I drank, did drugs and smoked cigarettes for years before going to a mental institution and joining a twelve step fellowship. I had lots of anonymous sex with men. I became HIV+ and have survived it for the past 21 years. I studied physics at Virginia Tech before dropping out and going to Computer Learning Center to learn electronics and computer repair before getting my bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Strayer College and eventually writing Java software for 16 years. I earn and spend more than my father could have imagined and I was there for his death.

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