Thursday, December 20, 2012

Self Celebration and Remembering The Present

This is a journal entry from Monday 12/10/12

Think Differently.

My experience of the world grows out of the stories I tell myself about it. Last month, I told myself I could quit this job. I still don't have anything to replace the income. I am still very tired and can't think of doing anything that won't make me feel tired. I don't know what would make me happy, content.

I'm still afraid of being known.

It's time I learned to celebrate myself. Everyone should. If I know how to celebrate myself, I will be closer to knowing my path.

I celebrate my ability to understand how the universe works. I love wrapping my head around the work of physicists. I love my ability to appreciate my conscious experience of the world as more real to me than the world itself. I appreciate my ability to think by writing. I appreciate my ability to cry, and the joy I feel in making other men cry.

This is a journal entry from Wednesday 12/12/12

My desire to find a different way of making money has been distracting me from the present moment. Trying to figure out what to do, what would lead me toward greater fulfillment without bankrupting me, has kept me focused in my thoughts about the future. I haven't been present.

The key to all power has always been in the present moment. The present moment is eternal. It can't be about the destination. I need to get my nose out of the map and look at the road.

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