Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ethical Self Doubt And The Desire To Excel

This is a journal entry from Wednesday 7 May, 2008.
I would love to stay home today to work on the website. I feel compelled right now and feel I could wrap things up. Having to schedule an hour here or an hour there to make minor progress is frustrating. And there's another piece of the equation. It takes between thirty minutes and an hour to hook in a new photo set. It takes longer to tape a video clip, edit it, post it on X-tube and add a page on the website to display it. I'm going to want to outsource that process. That will make it easier to promote the sites I'm advertising with their own content.

I could also find wants to automate this process, but that would take more time when I'm trying to save time. 80/20. What 20% can I do to reap the 80%

Here's the key. How do I become an expert in this industry and demand a higher fee for my services? How do I stay noble when the industry is filled with people out to make a buck at the expense of others?

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