Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Design

This is a journal entry from Sunday 11 May, 2008.
Envision having a flow of income such that I don't have to have a regular salaried job. I am surrounded by infinite substance. My supply, my infinite supply comes from God through me to find it's expression in substance.

This week has reinforced my conviction that I need to leave the company. I don't respect it and it doesn't seem to respect me or other developers working for it. The emotional cost is too high.

I design my life. It would be helpful if there was a guide to life design. A checklist and a place to store the blueprints. Most of the time, the design is unconscious. I'm looking for how to open myself to receive a flow of substance, or several flows of substance. What does my life look like?

  • Nude, sensual and relaxed.
  • Earth friendly - zero emission.
  • Socially responsible.
  • Living as if the world was ideal as a means of causing it to be more ideal. Don't fight what you disagree with - embody it's opposite.
  • Consume only renewable/reduce non-recoverable resources
  • No landfill wastes
I can create. What do I want to manifest? How do I grow my prosperity? What is ideal today?
  • My partner is ideal
  • Having Rex Harley to safely express my exhibitionism is ideal
With all my other goals, now I want to launch a job search.

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