Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Tired of Fighting

I'm tired of fighting.
That sums it up well. I want to feel nourished because I'm on empty because I fight myself all the time.
I can recognize it when I say "Come on!" or "Think!" That's when I'm aware that I'm resisting doing what I feel I'm supposed to do. It's like the voice inside yelling at that resistant part. Where did this idea come from that I'm a speaker and a speakee? I'm one person . Is the speaker the one with the power? Then why not act instead of goading the self? Is that which resists my true self?
My goal is to speak from that place of resistance in hopes of finding what I truly need.
It's time to stop fighting. I'm not that critical voice that harangues me to do more in less time. That's not where my power lies.
When you're feeling weak and want to force yourself to do something and the tension rises, take a moment to sense who it is you're trying to control. Stop turning that energy inward. Find out what your wholeness wants and give yourself what you need.

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