Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is my part?

I'm turning my attention back to the big picture again. I want to imagine what I would be doing if all my needs were met and I had nothing to fear. I don't want the need to make money or have insurance to be the driving factors. In the modern world with our fabulous technology, I can literally design my life.

There's the stream where I take care of my own needs and there's another stream where I am serving. I envision a world where man is a custodian of the Earth and of the life that lives here. In practical terms, I can see that some of us don't share that calling. It may be nothing more than feeling they are just a cog in a larger machine, that they are merely doing what is necessary to survive. It costs too much. Life will be hard. I have to protect my own interests. I need to defend myself. Others are evil. I won't do anything anyone else tells me to do. I won't do anything anyone else tells me I should do.

But wanting to be a custodian, I still burn fossil fuels, contribute to the pollution, and believe I am also just a small and insignificant part with no ability to fulfill my own aspirations.

We argue with each other instead of looking for solutions. We deny our power, waiting for someone else to solve our problems. The sense of everything falling apart is palpable. If only our side can get the opposition out of the way, then we will be OK. How do we reunite our compassion with our strength?

What is my part? What is my mission? I begin within. I accept my mortality and move forward. I sense my power and feel the breath in my lungs. At any moment, I come back to a calm space and recognize that things are not as dire as my emotions tell me. I walk in my power. I live in my power. That's probably the most important lesson for me at this moment.

How can I feel my power more? Erotic self pleasuring. Recalling when I stood in my power to get a job with insurance. Being still and present.

I practice my power by continuing my writing, sharing these ideas of self sacrifice for the greater good, of empowering myself and others to recognize our strength and take action to work together for the sake of ourselves and all life on Earth.

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