Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today's Artwork

I decided to post the artwork I created during today's Orgasmic Yoga session.

Everyone deserves to be loved.
I am not limited to who I have been.
I may sacrifice everything I have known.
Everything I think I know is inside me.
I recognize and express my power in all my activities.
I want someone to f**k me.

During today's session, I confirmed my desire to look for a new job. The place I work now is eating away at me. I feel extremely unhappy about it, although I know I am create my reality.

I am open to the universe guiding me to a new job that nourishes me and allows me the time and resources to pursue my life's work. That feels like working 24 hours per week someplace where I can wear my nosering down and proud. I want it to align with my mission in some way. I want to be respected as someone who wants to be a sex educator and advocate and acknowledges the spiritual dimensions of erotic intimacy. That's a tall order, but I don't want to hide anymore.

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