Monday, August 4, 2008

Choosing Career Goals

This is a journal entry from Tuesday 7/15/2008

I don't need to decide my career objectives right now. What is important is coming up with a plan. I may wait until the South Padre trip to reflect.

I am an eternal being.

At the crux are two things. Finding a traditional job where I work 40+ hours per week - preferably doing something that I love. Or doing freelance and contract work. I can't really pursue doing both at once.

I would really like to make a break with my current employer as soon as possible. I don't believe that I will be in a position to do freelance work until I've built an infrastructure. That implies that I should take a regular job and build up my infrastructure - moving to freelance work in the future.

My present employer is sucking the life out of me, but taking another job isn't my career goal.

Doing independent work and putting together a low maintenance muse company are in my career goals. Why pursue something that isn't my actual goal? Because I want to escape my present employer and continue to have an income while developing my own personal business.

If that's the case, I should do something that will reflect (and get me experience in doing) the independent work that I want. So it comes back to defining what that is.

It would make sense to leverage what I already do well and branch out from there. Java Development.

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