Saturday, August 2, 2008

Therapy Goals

This is a journal entry from Sometime between Wednesday 6/18 and Friday 6/20/2008

I don't know about therapy. The insurance finally paid something toward the end of last year. I'm waiting for something toward the beginning of this year.

While I don't feel as frenetic as I did when I started with my therapist, I still have fits of rage. I still feel tired from trying to live my life. My partner and I depend on each other so much that I no longer have a support group when he makes me angry.

I'm tired of paying $120 per month to talk to someone, but right now that's my only option besides my partner. And I need more people than that for stability. I can't talk to people at work about Rex Harley. I need to start forming my own hand picked support group.

I could begin by looking for a spiritual mentor, then add a business mentor and a social one... I want to put together something like a mastermind group. I think I need therapy at least until I have that group set up. Of source, that means I'll need to put it on my to-do list.

So, in therapy, I can talk about putting the group together, how to find people who would be a good fit, working on my anger issues and the life fatigue.

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