Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mastermind Group

This is a journal entry from Wednesday 6/25/2008

I'm beginning to think about my support group. I would like a spiritual mentor, a business mentor, and one or more emotional supporters. Maybe someone good with relationships. I'd like to read up again on how Mastermind groups work.

There are two people I can think of with a spiritual leaning that also believe in the union of spirituality with sexuality. If I'd like to put together an email to chat, what would I want to say?


I hope all is well with you. Things with me are going well.

I want to start a Mastermind group. I'd like to find some friends who believe as I do that sexuality and spirituality can co-exist. I need help in keeping focused on my life goals and to lend me emotional support when times are tough. I'd like to get feedback and ideas on my business.

I'd like to have a spiritual mentor, a business mentor, a relationship mentor and others who can be my support group. I was thinking you would be a good candidate for the spiritual mentor.

In exchange, I would be more than willing to be part of your support group unless you'd prefer something more or less serious. Even if you're not interested, I'd love to get together every now and then for coffee and to catch up.

Maybe I should be less formal and ask these guys out for coffee. :)

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