Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cosmic Flow Manifesting

This is a journal entry from Saturday 8/2/2008

I've got a few more thoughts about the book I was reading "In the flow of life" by Eric Butterworth.

He says "You are an integral part of the universe, where each part contains within it all the elements of the whole." This is in the chapter called "Life, Death, and Rebirth." So I can apply my earlier concept of my experience of the universe lying within me while I'm simultaneously in the universe. It's the oneness of inside/outside coexistence.

At first I read this and thought it was talking about the holographic view of the universe where every part of the universe contains the whole universe, or at least one perspective of it. Now I'm not sure. I think that it implies that my existence is not limited to the three dimensional space of my body, that I am in fact the whole of the universe expressing as me.In that case, it's different than the inside/outside unification. Maybe it's the outside/inside unification. If I experience the universe within me, then the universe experiences me outside the universe??? There is no "outside of the universe." Try "inside the universe/outside of me.

There is a simpler way:
I experience the universe through my senses and I act on the universe through my actions. Simple enough.

The issue is that I am not a static sphere. As I interact and modify the universe within me, I also do it in the universe. Plus I am part of the universe so if the universe were to say "I am the universe," then it could say so from any of it's parts, including me.

The point being that the hunk of the universe that exists where I am (me) has access to all the powers of the universe. It also is part of the continuity of the whole of the universe. The whole of the universe, including the part that is me, is expressing itself through the part of the universe that is me. So I can no more die than can the universe.

So the idea then is that this focusing of attention on my existence in the universe is who I am. So if my physical body ceases to live, then this attention focus will create a new body to experience the universe.

So I am the flowing forth of the universe into itself - creating my physical body to experience the universe. And if my physical form ceases, the universal flow that is me can create a new body. But the important thing is to focus on what it means to be the flowing forth of the universe into itself.

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